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The Cloud Revolution and the Future of the SOC

Updated 2 months ago.

Cloud security is more important today than ever before. Luke McNamara was joined once again by Martin Holste, CTO for Cloud at FireEye, Chris Schreiber, FireEye product strategist, and JR Wikes, FireEye security principal engineer.

In this second of two podcasts on cloud security, they examine how the point products and various processes that make up cyber security today will set the stage for the future of security operations centers (SOC). The ideal way to initiate this transformation to the SOC of tomorrow is with a single cyber security platform such as FireEye Helix, which is a cloud-hosted security operations platform. Integrating visibility, protection and detection with advanced analytics is not a dream of the future, but an achievable reality right now.

Check out the podcast, and also learn more about how FireEye Helix seamlessly integrates disparate security tools and augments them with next generation SIEM, orchestration and threat intelligence capabilities to capture the untapped potential of security investments.