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Protection Beyond the Traditional Secure Email Gateway

Updated 2 months ago.

In April 2018, FireEye CTO, Grady Summers had the opportunity to talk about some of the latest features of FireEye Email Security with Ken Bagnall, VP for Email Security at FireEye. Their conversation ended up being one of our more popular 'Eye on Security' podcast episodes, so it was a no-brainer that Grady would have Ken back in July 2018 to discuss some of the changes in email attacks that we had been observing.

When Ken happily agreed to return for a third appearance, FireEye Chief Intel Strategist, Christopher Porter was particularly glad that it was his turn to pick his brain. During their chat, Ken and Christopher talked about the innovation behind our secure email gateway, the intellectual property behind FireEye technologies for detecting advanced threats that others miss, and some general trends related to email threats that we’re seeing today.

Check out the podcast right now, and learn more about how FireEye Email Security can help defend against today’s most widely used – and lesser known – email attacks.