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Riot Radio Show #111

Updated about 1 year ago.

Riot Radio Show #111

The Charley Few- roggenwolf
Freaks- welcome to the freakshow
Chained Bliss- mirrors
Riña- yo no consigo nada
Dark Thoughts- you gotta find
The Fritz- static eyes
Scrap Brain- half a pill
C.L.A.W.- alpha creatures
Fracture- exit strategy
Cereal Killer- should punks be allies
The Ratz- you’re dead
Battalion Zośka- oi by numbers
Dead Hero- la vida continua
Booji Boys- nervous idea
Gino And The Goons- do the get around
The Hussy- be my girl
Ultra Razzia- razzia
Tozcos- sueños deceptivos
Physique- miserable existence
Protocol- de-militarized zone
Outcry- walking
No Negative- worm feed
The Chats- bus money
Slant- dry heave
Stabbitha And The Knifey Wifeys- fedora destroyer
Filth Garden- track 3
Sonic Warhead- under the filty breathe
Negativ- cheat and lie
C.H.E.W.- open secret
Gulag Beach- don’t wanna be my neighbor
Fatal Blow- hero to zero
The Clinch- not dying
The Cowboy- way out beneath