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Choochagatari Episode 33: DA RAYLE TRAESHA

Updated a long time ago.

The Choochagatari Gang travels back to the '30's (and 1700's!) to revel in the ruckus that is Baccano! Listen in as we stan Jacuzzi Splot, wish for a love like Isaac and Miria's, and debate if Popeye has a Brooklyn accent. Then, the crew talks about new shows, with Rose feeling like the Jeweler Richard is irresponsible, Elvie blames the Internet for the evils of the world, John falls deeper into evil with PreCure, and we all say "twisted" and "warped" like twenty times each.

Our OP is "Guns and Roses" by Paradise Lunch, the Baccano OP, and the ED is "Calling" by Oda Kaori, Baccano's ED.

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